All is Energy

Energy is all around us. In our bodies, outside our bodies. It is us. It is everything we see, feel, sense. It is boundless, it is unified, it is the ultimate All.

The Unified Field of Energy – or ‘God’

Our soul is never actually separate from the universe. We have an individual consciousness that can view a life from a particular person’s vantage point; but beneath the illusion of the body, there is one continuous energy. This energy is at one with the universe. This is a vibrant, all-encompassing ‘everything’. Some people call this ultimate energy ‘God’.

Living Simultaneously

We are souls journeying on the earth plane. We incarnate into physical form in order to experience this physical world as a ‘reality’. Through many lifetimes – or perhaps only one – we experience what it is like to be ‘matter’. We evolve through cycles of more and more physical complexity, then through more and more cycles of physical simplicity. Imagine a sine curve; our consciousness travels up and down, in and out, through these cycles. Yet it is all happening at once.

Time is Non-existent

This is perhaps difficult to comprehend, that time is not a fact. It is merely a man-made idea. Even scientists, since the 1920s, have referred to time as the ‘space-time continuum’ – a concept to simply describe a sequence of events.

The Purpose of Time

From the spiritual perspective, time is a device in place on the earth plane, so that we can experience individual aspects of the Self. The best way to experience one thing fully, is to also experience its opposite. To know joy, we must know pain. To know up, we must know down. To experience opposites, there must be separation – a division in time and space, so we can experience one, in the absence of the other. This is the purpose of time on the earth plane – to experience all aspects of physical reality fully.

It’s All Happening NOW

From the ethereal perspective, everything is actually all happening ‘now’, simultaneously. It is for this reason we could say we live many lifetimes, or we could say we live only one. There is only one moment, this instant, and all the layers of all instances are imbedded within each other.


All the while, we have access to it all; we can tap into any stage at any time. Memory is the powerful window to another moment in time – another ‘now’ layered beneath this moment. We can re-experience anything via memory, at times so vivid, recreating all the emotions and physical attributes that went with that moment.

The illusion of time allows us to stand back, to be the observer as well as the observed, the participant, the actor, the director, the creator and the created. We can see what we’ve done, as well as be it.

Seeing Energy and Auras

Some people see auras naturally. Some can learn how to see auras according to several books. An aura is what we call the light of the energy that resides in, and is visible around a person, animal or object.

Some people, myself included, can see this energy at all times, constantly, in everything, as a fine shower of particles. All my life I wondered what it was that I was seeing, and nowhere could I find a reference to it, and no one could understand what I was describing, until I found something about it in the book called Visualisation for Beginners by Pauline Wills. In chapter 2, under a section called ‘Prana’, she writes: “On a bright sunny day, prana can be seen as minute specks of brilliant light.”

We All Have Our Own ‘Proof’

All of us are capable of seeing the energy of the universe. By ‘seeing’, I mean sensing, knowing, feeling, in your own unique way. Some people can visually see energy, some hear the whispers of the spirit world, some people feel a presence, and others simply ‘know’ things by their thoughts and intuition. We all have our own ‘proof’, our own inner way of knowing our connection to the universe.

When I was a very young child, I remember often asking my mother about the tiny little ‘fishes’ swimming around in the air, especially visible when the lights were out. She was puzzled, and I couldn’t get her to understand what it is that I saw. She simply brushed it off as a child’s imagination, relating to nothing that is actually real.

The ‘fishes’ were like little tropical neons. They pulsed like a zillion stars in the sky, they oscillated like a dense snow on a television screen after the station closed for the night, but they had brilliant colours, varying, like tropical fish.

They were as much in the space between objects, as they were on the surface of objects and within objects. They were everywhere, these tiny specks of light. It was, and still is, literally like being a fish in an ocean, able to see the water.

This is my personal ‘proof’ that this energy is dynamic and everywhere.


This article was orginally written in 2001 and is articulated in the way of my thinking at that time. My beliefs are still essentially the same; however, I would probably language it drawing more from what I have since learned about quantum field theory.

In 2006, I saw an optometrist who thoughtfully and patiently listened to my explanation of what it is that I see. She offered an explanation of the eye receiving light via rod and cone receptor cells. This possibly means that I am actually aware of seeing through these tiny individual cells. However, I still do not understand why I have a conscious awareness of this function when most others do not. So if anyone can explain this more clearly, by all means, please contact me! (And for the record, these are not remotely anything like ‘floaters’ that move with the vision field.)

Stellar Snowflake Cluster

Stellar Snowflake Cluster

Newborn stars, hidden behind thick dust, are revealed in this image of a section of the Christmas Tree Cluster from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. The newly revealed infant stars appear as pink and red specks toward the center and appear to have formed in regularly spaced intervals along linear structures in a configuration that resembles the spokes of a wheel or the pattern of a snowflake. Hence, astronomers have nicknamed this the “Snowflake Cluster.”

Star-forming clouds like this one are dynamic and evolving structures. Since the stars trace the straight line pattern of spokes of a wheel, scientists believe that these are newborn stars, or “protostars.” At a mere 100,000 years old, these infant structures have yet to "crawl" away from their location of birth. Over time, the natural drifting motions of each star will break this order, and the snowflake design will be no more.

While most of the visible-light stars that give the Christmas Tree Cluster its name and triangular shape do not shine brightly in Spitzer's infrared eyes, all of the stars forming from this dusty cloud are considered part of the cluster.

Like a dusty cosmic finger pointing up to the newborn clusters, Spitzer also illuminates the optically dark and dense Cone Nebula, the tip of which can be seen towards the bottom left corner of the image.


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