Pure Vibrant Universe

A Vibrant Universe of Potential

We are a speck of dust in this marvelous universe of ours. However this universe began, one thing is certain: it is a vast, ever-expanding space of pure potential beyond any human imagination.

What if this vibrant universe is not actually “out there”, but “in here”? What if the potential is an inner power, rather an outer one? Consider the possibility that the vibrant expanse of the universe which NASA photographs, is actually a reflection of our own inner dynamics. This universe may exist in the human body. It may exist in a grain of sand. It may be entirely ethereal. Or perhaps it is completely imagined.

What does it matter, provided we uphold its beauty, we give it meaning, and we utilize its power? The universe, like most of science, is a concept. So let’s use this concept to our advantage.

One and the Same

The universe and I (or you, or us, or any thing) is one and the same. We are carbon copies, thumbprints of universal energy. On the subatomic level, we are equal. We are all made of the same stuff. It is the ideas we project upon each other that decipher and differentiate.

Yet it is these differences through which ultimate potential can be expressed. By following the inklings of our unique callings, we enable the universe to express itself in a myriad of ways, and we get up close and personal in the experience of perpetual self-creation.

This Moment

In this moment, and every consecutive moment, we make the shifts, transformations and changes that create and re-create our manifestation. This constantly flowing universal energy challenges itself to become more, better, different… again and again. It evolves through us. We get to experiment with our lives, on behalf of the universe.

Powered by Universal Energy

This life force that flows through us, the Chi, the Prana, Consciousness itself, is the energy of the universe. We can say, each and every human being, each and every thing on this planet or any planet, is powered and empowered by the energy of the universe.

While quantum physics points to the subatomic stuff of which we are made in this physical dimension, it is the Observer of the stuff, the space between the particles, that is the consciousness that moves, decides, perpetuates, and activates. While science provides the evidence that this is true, we require no evidence. We simply Are, and we know this, because we Are.

Peony Nebula

Peony Nebula

If our galaxy were to host its own version of the Olympics, the title for the brightest known star would go to a massive star called Eta Carina. However, a new runner-up, now the second-brightest star in our galaxy, has been discovered in the galaxy's dusty and frenzied interior. This image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows the new silver medalist in the central region of our Milky Way.

Dubbed the Peony nebula star, this blazing ball of gas shines with the equivalent light of 3.2 million suns. The reigning champ, Eta Carina, produces the equivalent of 4.7 million suns worth of light. However, astronomers say these estimates are uncertain, and it's possible that the Peony nebula star could be even brighter than Eta Carina.

If the Peony star is so bright, why doesn't it stand out more in this view? The answer is dust. This star is located in a very dusty region jam packed with stars. In fact, there could be other super bright stars still hidden deep in the stellar crowd. Spitzer's infrared eyes allowed it to pierce the dust and assess the Peony nebula star's true brightness. Likewise, infrared data from the European Southern Observatory's New Technology Telescope in Chile were integral in calculating the Peony nebula star's luminosity.

The Universe as We See It

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